Julian Rodriguez is closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. Following the Alberta Health Guidance for Businesses on best practices for social distancing, we have increased the level of safety procedures to protect the health of our employees and our customers. 


Our industry is essential in the effort to promote public health. Recently, the pest control industry was designated as an “Essential Service Provider”. Our goal is to protect public health by providing an essential service to homeowners and businesses.



We know that Trampas Pest Control Solutions commercial business clients are being hit very hard with limited hours, full shutdowns, or limiting access. Additionally, our residential customers are spending more time in their homes. To continue to ensure your business and home remains pest-free, we have continually been training and ensuring that our workers take the best safety procedures. We will wipe webs from the house, treat insect entry points around windows and doors and treat the perimeter of the home to create a second barrier. 


Wearing Gloves

Our service professionals are wearing a new pair of gloves for each account we service and then discarding the gloves when each account’s service is complete. In some cases, this may mean changing gloves more than once.

No Physical Contact

With the customer’s verbal approval, our service professional will complete the service without the customer having to touch the handheld device. If an interior service is required, our service professionals will wear a new pair of gloves and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Our service professionals currently wear long-sleeve shirts and pants to further minimize exposure.


A Message to Our New Customers

As a new customer of Trampas Pest Control Solutions, we have made a commitment to you to service both the inside and outside of your home. We understand that having someone in your home during these times may be a concern. That is why Trampas Pest Control Solutions will return within 90 days to do the interior portion of your new service. We thank you for your trust in our company.

Welcome to the Trampas Pest Control Solutions Family.


As the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide climb higher, Trampas Pest Control Solutions Is putting together plans in place to help prevent the spread of the virus. And as many businesses are shutting down or simply finding it hard to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, Trampas Pest Control Solutions has recreated itself to the changing conditions.


Trampas Pest Control Solutions has been fighting insects for years, but just like many other businesses, coronavirus has hit owner Julian Rodriguez hard. We currently still service the exterior where possible, but there are some businesses that just have completely shut down and we can’t service. We have been able to acquire a chemical strong enough to fight the virus causing the pandemic COVID-19.


The chemical Disinfectant, Sterilant and Virucide - has been part of their regular pest control protocol, but now, it’s a service unto itself with a new mission. The cost of treatment is comparable to any pest control process. We have treated gyms, offices, medical facilities, vehicles, and even ambulances. There’s a number of things this can be used for.

While this new approach shows promise for his business, it also illustrates an attitude that will help everyone else. During these tough times.


Trampas Pest Control Solutions has something special to it. It’s the fact that we adapt.