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Our Customized Pest Solutions

Effective & Safe

Learn more about our effective pest solution services


Same Day Service

We will take care of your pest problem as soon as we can! Call before noon for same day service.

Protecting your love ones at all cost, especially when it comes to harmful pest that can have an effect on your health

Placing proper controls in order to maintain industry standards above your competitors

Your Last Pest Solution

Serving Clients in Alberta, Manitoba Saskatchewan and British Columbia.



By offering several programs, Trampas Pest Control gives peace of mind to many parents and school districts. Keeping students & staff safe from disease or exposure to pests. Learn more about your options below, and feel free to reach out with any questions

Food Spread

Food Handling Est.

We offer a variety of Pest control programs suitable for food processing, distribution, grocery, agriculture and restaurant industries. Designed to keep you ahead of your competitors ensuring you are fit for govt. & Prov. Inspections, audits and more!



From a hands-on level of expertise to opportunities to work alongside top industry professionals, there are countless reasons EMS, pharmaceutical plants and medical facilities should choose us. Assisting front line workers maintain regulatory compliance with safe/clean working space

Modern Living Room

Property Mngmt. / Realty

Our technicians cater to multi-family homes, rental properties & real estate properties. If there's one problem, there can be more! Remember, we have been evicting unwanted guests since 2005

People in the Mall


At Trampas, we take the art of shopping very seriously and strive to make your experience as fun and efficient as possible. We are committed to make your business location suitable for your staff & customers through regular inspections, prevention tactics and treatment

Packing Luggage


Whether you’re traveling alone or on business trip, we ensure your stay isn't disturbed by eerie pests.

Our IPM programs carefully 

manage hostels, centres & 


Who We Service

Home Protection plan
We work with

Together & not alone

At Trampas Pest Control Solutions, we have been protecting homes and businesses from pests since we can remember! We use only the most advanced and effective methods to ensure effective pest control. Our team is highly trained and experienced in providing pest control solutions that will meet your needs. We are committed to providing our customers with quality service that is safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction for our clients.

Choose a plan that fits your budget & offers protection where its most needed

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Covering all bases in order to ensure your health is not at risk

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We service when you need it, with pre-booked services for members ensures you peace of mind

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